Sarah Palin’s new look

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10 risposte a Sarah Palin’s new look

  1. rightie ha detto:

    Are you guys for real?

    • oldetrip ha detto:

      I don’t understand your question…

    • Psyched55 ha detto:

      Just as “for real” as all the tea party posters depicting Obama as a nazi, an ape, and any other racial slurry thing you can think of.

      If I would have drawn the picture, I would have added Palin and J.Brewer sitting at a desk stamping “death” onto patient’s orders while winking at each other .. Sarah got that right at least .. death panels are in full effect .. just not run by the “scary Democrats” but rather a very scary Republican .. a great GOP plan!

  2. GodofHellfire ha detto:

    We owned you commies in November and then we’ll get more in 2012. You screwed up America and this is the last taste of socialism in our country ever. Look at change in the Electoral votes. Obama or old, tired commie Hillary will get seven states. States like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, Florida will get 4-10 more Republican congressmen in 2012.
    Americans want the House to stop the spending, defund the czars, the ripped off of the GM shareholders and bondholders, closing down the Chrysler dealerships…
    I just want my old light bulbs back.

  3. James ha detto:

    I find that most people who discuss Hilter actually have no idea who he really was. Learn something about him first. Here is a video to get you started:

  4. The Unreal ha detto:

    There’s this thing called the “levels” filter in Photoshop. Might want to look into that.

    And … why now? “Because other people did it to a guy I like” is the kind of reason cited by 6 year olds the world over. Congrats on joining such august company.


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